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Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

My favorite movie has always been Steel Magnolias. I used to dream of having my own hair salon just like Dolly Parton did in her house. After high school, instead of going to college, I decided to go to cosmetology school. After working in a salon for five years, I decided to fulfill my dream of opening my own salon. There was a lot to consider when I selected the building for my salon. As much as I would have liked to have the salon in my house, it was not realistic. I found a small space in town and decided to remodel it to fit my needs for the salon. I was able to get Philadelphia T1 internet set up fairly quickly, and then I feel like everything else fell into place. A lot of my former clients from my previous salon wanted me to continue doing their hair, so I was able to carry over a lot of clientele to the new salon. I hope to build my business and be able to hire a few more stylists soon.

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